I love getting strategic plans DONE. I've typically facilitated twenty planning sessions per year, but have found the greater challenge and need to be execution. So I stay involved after the plan is put together to assure it is periodically updated, that assigned tasks are being completed, and that resources are introduced as needed.



Design the




Facilitate Planning Session


Get the

Plan Done


I start by working with your leadership team to define the desired outcome of this planning process. Together we review and analyze pain points within your organization. Key stakeholders for success are identified, and a planning session for the entire team is scheduled. 

Prior to the scheduled planning session, customized questionnaires are distributed to key stakeholders then followed with individual interviews. Upon completion of initial discovery, I summarize and present my findings and recommendations to the leadership team. 

During the planning session, participants gather at an off-site retreat where I lead eight hours of moderated discussions. Relevant healthcare trends and opportunities are presented. We review the findings and recommendations as a group. The session concludes with finalizing a long-term vision for success and the next year's projects needed to move in that direction. Attendees depart with the plan in hand and individually assigned tasks. 

A collaborative platform is provided throughout the project to monitor plan progress and track updates. Quarterly meetings are scheduled with stakeholders to review and update the plan. Depending on plan objectives, outside resources may be introduced. An annual planning session is scheduled to celebrate plan completion and set new forward-thinking goals.



Understanding the ambulatory and physician practice space makes me useful to hospitals, insurance plans, investors, service companies and medical groups. As a trusted advisor I'm often on a retainer, sometimes a member of an advisory board.

Unlike a consultant who does only one project at a site, I intend to partner long term with clients, know their people and culture and benefit them from my part inside / part outside perspectives. Often this role follows one of my planning engagements. Tap into my 50 years in healthcare for thoughtful ideas on what does and doesn't work.  

Some of the most rewarding work is one-on-one with clinicians, administrative types and managers. From solo docs and small clinic managers to physician executives and hospital CEO's I can mentor them to become all they can become. Besides being a trusted coach, I like connecting them with helpful contacts and resources. 

Advisory Boards

Digbi Health

Santa Clara, California 

Personalized medicine firm directing patients toward better health through DNA and Gut Biome analysis followed by Artificial Intelligence-enabled design of diet based on wearable technology feedback. 


Auckland, New Zealand

Using predictive analytics providers are alerted to intervention opportunities. Data is crystallized into actionable information enabling excellent treatment decisions to be made.


Lisbon, Portugal

European medical travel innovation offering access to latest science, quality medical specialists, modern facilities / equipment, coaching and monitoring.

NewCity Medical Plaza

Tijuana, Mexico

Innovators are developing a modern destination medical center 500 steps from the world’s busiest border crossing. Patients will receive quality medical procedures at an affordable price at this classy short-stay hospital, medical clinic and onsite boutique hotel.

Family Medicine Residency of Idaho

Boise, Idaho

This Teaching Health Center combines a residency program with a federally qualified health center (FQHC). With $38 million in annual revenues, this program trains family medicine physicians to teamwork in underserved and rural areas while serving Idaho’s vulnerable population.



I'm a connector. After 50 years in healthcare, I have a bunch of very cool, talented friends that you'd like to work with. My network extends beyond individuals to innovations, technology, and science that can greatly benefit individual entities. I don't accept or pay referral fees, so am freed to always do what's right for my client in terms of referrals and introductions. 

With international clients I’m able to connect the world to better ideas.



You don't have to be a client to benefit from what I think I've figured out. You can read my blogs and listen to my  iD8 podcasts here on my website. Or better yet, bring me in to speak on one of the below topics.

Speaking Topics


Let's help individuals get healthier.